Everything You Need to Know about Turnkey Construction

Building a new home can be financially complicated. Obtaining both a construction loan as well as a mortgage is frustrating, to say the least. But construction loans aren’t the only way to fund new home construction. The turnkey construction process provides a way to cut through that red tape and simplify the financial aspect of home building. Here’s what you need to know about turnkey construction.

How Turnkey Construction Works


When a builder agrees to a turnkey construction process, they’re the ones held financially and legally responsible for the design and construction work.

“Turnkey” refers to a product that is sold as completed. So the buyer is not legally or financially obligated to assume responsibility of the work in process; they only buy the finished product and can “turn the key” to their new home. 

What You Need to Start Turnkey Construction

The turnkey process is similar to the standard construction process. You’ll still meet with your builder to agree on specifications for your new home. Then the builder is in charge of the building’s project management, including overseeing budget allocation and schedule. Everything is completed — including the construction and the finishes — before the builder turns it over to you. 

Note that with Fortin Construction, you have full design input at the beginning, but that isn’t always the case with every builder. Some may allow buyers to have input in only certain aspects of the home, like choosing paint colors or tile types, for example. Make sure you are clear at the beginning what input you’ll be allowed during the turnkey process.


Benefits of Turnkey Construction

The biggest obstacle that turnkey construction clears is the need for you to obtain a construction loan. Construction loans can be difficult to obtain and often have higher rates than typical loans or mortgages. Not only does turnkey construction save you the hassle of getting a construction loan, but it also saves you money in the process for the extra interest you might be paying. 

The extra time you’ve saved can allow you more time and financial bandwidth to negotiate with lenders for the best mortgage rate as well. 

It also makes sense logically that builders will be more motivated to stick to deadlines and budgets when they are the ones responsible for those. Although we have a reputation of meeting deadlines at Fortin, many other builders have the opposite notoriety. Turnkey construction can provide a much-needed motivation for builders to stay on track.


What Builders Think of Turnkey Construction

Does this sound almost too good to be true? Understand that the turnkey construction process benefits builders as well. Builders and contractors who use a turnkey process can build homes more quickly and efficiently because they aren’t tied up waiting for potential buyers to be approved for multiple loans. Because building loans can be difficult to obtain, it also provides more potential buyers for custom-built homes. 

Additionally, the turnkey process tends to make customers happier and more satisfied at the end of the building process. Happy customers refer their builders to friends and family. Happy customers bring in more business.  

Keeping it Simple

At Fortin, we attempt to simplify the home building process as much as possible for our customers. Turnkey construction is just one more offering to keep our homeowners happy and in the home of their dreams. 


Have more questions about how the Fortin building process works? You can find answers to many of your questions at our FAQ page. If it’s not there, feel free to contact us directly. We’d love to hear from you.