15 Tools Every New Homeowner Should Have

One of the most important items you should purchase as a new homeowner is a well-stocked tool kit. Don’t wait until a need arises. Be proactive and have these on hand for possible scenarios, whether planned or unplanned. Here are the tools every new homeowner should have.

1. Measuring tape

Even if you don’t have any home renovation projects on the docket, a measuring tape is beneficial for figuring out where to put your furniture or how big the area rug needs to be. But it’s also necessary for bigger home projects too. Look for a ?-inch-wide model that locks for something that will be sturdy over time and versatile enough for all your future projects. 

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2. Hammer

A standard hammer (also known as a claw hammer) is a must for any home toolbox. When you’re looking for a hammer, make sure you’re considering the grip. You’ll want something that’s comfortable and minimizes vibrations. Make sure the head is smooth, not dimpled or checkered, to avoid surface damage. 

3. Safety goggles

Safety goggles can be used in so many home projects, from renovations to yardwork. Pick some that are comfortable and that won’t slide off your face. 

4. Level

Levels are must-haves for hanging pictures on the walls or even installing a new oven. You’ll want one that’s about a foot long for accurate leveling. The models with floating bubbles are accurate and inexpensive. 


5. Screwdriver set

A good quality screwdriver set should include a variety of flathead and Phillips head sizes. If you want to keep it simple, look for a screwdriver with interchangeable magnetic heads. These can often also be used in cordless drills, making this a versatile investment.

6. Pliers

Pliers aren’t just for pinching or bending metal objects into shape. They’re also extremely helpful for holding small objects firmly, like a nail or screw in place. A good plier set should include long-nose pliers, combination pliers and locking pliers to cover all your bases.

7. Flashlights

Power outages are an inevitability as a homeowner, so battery-operated flashlights are a must. LED flashlights provide bright light with minimal battery usage. You may want to have multiple flashlights in different rooms of the house, so they are easily accessible when you need them.

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8. Nails and Screws

Keeping an assortment of nails and screws at the ready will help you tackle any home projects, from decorating to installing a door frame. These are often found in prepackaged sets with various sizes for any project. 

9. Stud finder

Whether you’re hanging a photo or a bike rack on your wall, you’ll need to know where the studs are in your wall. A stud finder helps you eliminate unnecessary “finder holes” and saves you a lot of headache. Simple stud finders come in magnetic models or even those that scan the wall with a laser. Either option should work for your needs. 

10. Clamps

Clamps or vises are another great addition to your home toolbox. These can be used for woodworking projects, like building furniture, or even electrical projects, such as welding — or really any project where you need an extra set of hands. Clamps are also affordable, whether in screw, angle, bar or locking format. 


11. Cordless drill

There are many power tools available to homeowners who are looking for more advanced projects, but the only one that made our list is the cordless drill, because of its convenience. This tool will cut the time of many of your projects in half. Look for a drill that is good quality, with an assortment of drill bits, and read reviews of battery life before making the purchase. 

12. Duct tape

Duct tape gets a bad reputation but really can repair almost anything. Duct tape has a thick, woven backing that makes it thicker than other tapes and easy to rip. Since it will stick to almost anything and is waterproof, you can use it for quick repairs. 


13. Utility knife

Utility knives are so helpful around the home. Buy one with a comfortable handle and extra blade storage. It’s safer to use a fresh blade than forcing a dull one.


14. Putty knife

A putty knife is amazing for anything from opening paint buckets to scraping paint off a window. With a flexible blade, this inexpensive tool will be a boon to your collection. 

15. Step ladder

There are many ladder types out there as well, and you may need to invest in some of those for future home projects. But to start, a simple step ladder will keep you safe while hanging curtains or painting ceilings. Check weight limits when you are making the purchase, and always adhere to safety instructions.

This list of tools isn’t all you’ll end up accumulating during your time as a homeowner, but these basics give you a good start on your collection and will help you take care most everyday home repairs.