About US

At Fortin Construction, Inc., our expertise comes from the accumulated wisdom of four generations of builders and building over one thousand new homes in Maine. Our family-owned business is committed to providing the highest quality materials, workmanship, professional service, and satisfaction possible. In order to accomplish these goals, we are honest and forthright, valuing integrity above all.

We don’t just build to suit. We build to delight.



Our Team

mark fortin

Mark Fortin, President

Mark has been a part of the Fortin team ever since he could pick up a hammer. He started his journey at Fortin Construction working in the field on framing and roofing crews for seven years. In December 2013 he was named Vice President of FCI and now manages the day-to-day operations of the company. He is also the new home and construction salesman, so if you’re looking to build your dream home, Mark is your man. He lives in Cumberland with his wife and three boys, has a Bachelor’s degree in construction management from the University of Southern Maine, and is recognized as an Associate Constructor by the American Institute of Constructors (AIC).

don fortin

Don Fortin, Founder

Don, a third generation builder, started the company in 1990 and ran it from his basement. The company grew because of Don’s dedication to quality and customer service. Since founding the company, Don has built over a thousand new homes in Maine, striving to provide his customers with a simple process to make building a new home easy. He is proud to have had the opportunity to work with his three sons and looks forward to what the future holds for the company.

Our Building Process

With over 30 years of experience, we’ve perfected the art of construction, doing as much on our side as we can to make building a new home as simple and uncomplicated for you as possible. We strive to make your overall experience pleasant and hassle free, and one of those is through our standard process. You’ll know exactly what to expect next in the steps to building your new home. If your home building process question isn’t answered here, check out our FAQs.


The first step to building your new home is to get pre-qualified for a mortgage to determine your budget for the construction. Knowing how much you can afford will also help you in making further decisions and will directly influence the next phase of the process, design.


Once you have a budget in place for your project, come meet with us to determine how we can fit your budget.

After we’ve discussed options and variables to find the perfect solution for working within your means, you’ll sign an agreement and give a $1,000 deposit. Then we’ll design and draw your home in our office.


Next you’ll need to choose land or find a home site for sale. We’ll negotiate the purchase for you, but you’ll need to get a commitment letter from a bank appraising the plans and specifications and giving a commitment to lend.

Once the letter is in hand, you’ll need to pay any difference from the agreement amount and the commitment letter.


You’ll go over any final specifications with us, picking out kitchen and flooring options, and we’ll start construction.

Once the construction is complete, you’ll close on your new home.

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